The Woolwich Arsenal Subbuteo side

H. MacDonald

J. Murrell                 J. Shaw

P. Sands (Capt)               C. Jenkyns               S. Theobald

J. Mordue           T. Coleman           C. Satterthwaite           A. Ducat           G. Crawford

For the past few years the famous and influential Arsenal Merchandiser @Shewore offers the first 50 lucky subscribers to one of his many tweets the chance to have a handmade “my  favourite Arsenal Subbuteo team” produced by a craftsman. This year I was lucky enough to be within the first 50, but had other ideas. Rather than struggle to pick my favourite team within my lifetime, I requested to be able to have a team from just one era – the Plumstead based Woolwich Arsenal of 1893-1913. And it was granted, indeed the chap who makes them was appreciative as it was a different challenge for his artistic skills, from the usual Thierry Henry or Dennis Bergkamp figures. I must also stress that the 50 subscriptions were taken up with a few hours of the offer going out, so there are no more places left unfortunately.

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Arsenal 1919 – 2019: 100 years in the top flight 

We were asked by the Arsenal programme editor Andy Exley to write a few extra pieces for the programme last night. This article, which is a precis of all our previous work on this matter(1), is presented almost verbatim as we have added an exclusive of a segment of Norris’ letter to Catton in 1919.

As you may be aware, this season Arsenal are celebrating an unprecedented 100 consecutive years in the top flight of English football. For much of that time, the story of how the Gunners came to be in the First Division following the end of the First World War has been told and re-told in many publications. So much so that it now bears very little resemblance to what actually happened at a Special General Meeting held by the Football League on 10 March 1919. Using contemporary sources, we can now produce a true account of the events leading up to that date and what actually happened at the meeting.

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