When The Arsenal Clock Was Placed On The North Bank

We’ve written before about how Arsenal’s famous clock moved around Highbury on a number of occasions during the 1930s. We were never 100% certain of when it first appeared at the back of the North terrace / Laundry End / North Bank; the best we could manage was some time during December 1931. We’ve now come across some more information, including a photograph from the first game when it re-appeared.

The Arsenal Clock – 6 January 1934

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470: Thomas Henderson Docherty 1928-2020

Tommy Docherty: The Arsenal 1958-61

An irrepressible character, Tommy Docherty joined Arsenal for the highest player fee the club had paid to that point. Quickly becoming a central and highly popular figure in the team he left a few years later to embark on a long nomadic management career for an eye watering list of sides.

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