A Generation of Domination

Today saw the 21st consecutive season in which Arsenal have finished above their North London neighbours in the Premier League.

Below is a table showing each team’s league performance and the difference between the two teams at the end of each season. Also shown is the date that Arsenal were mathematically guaranteed to finish above Tottenham and how many games were left that season. Read More →

This blog written in 2015 – has been updated statistically to reflect Arsenal’s recent 14th FA Cup win

We’re sure that we will be asked at some point about Arsenal’s record so, we’ve dusted down last year’s blog and updated it. Below is a list of all the FA Cup semi-finals that Arsenal have appeared in. This will be the Arsenal’s 28th appearance at this stage, setting a new record. (This record now stands at 30) And, as an added bonus, programmes from a couple of victories.

1971-03-31 Stoke City (N) FAC 01

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With Arsenal’s victorious appearance at Wembley on Saturday the club’s record at Spur’s new ground is unsurpassed.

We originally published this post in 2014 before the FA Cup semi-final against Wigan.

It’s now been updated to take into account the subsequent games at Wembley since then. In this update we’ve added a couple of programmes from previous Wembley appearances.

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With Arsenal hosting the international friendly between Brazil and Chile this afternoon, we thought we would put together a list of international games played at Arsenal.

Prior to 1913 Arsenal’s grounds had never been considered suitable venues for international matches, the main reason being the inaccessibility of Plumstead, even though between 1890 and 1893 the club played at one of the country’s best grounds.

The first such game that Arsenal hosted was on 15 March 1920 when England played Wales at Highbury. Wales won 2-1, and this would be the only time that England tasted defeat at an Arsenal ground.


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The Archery Tournament – Or Was It?

Those of you that have read an Arsenal history book will, more than likely, have noticed that the club organising an archery tournament in 1903 to raise funds. Arsenal handbooks throughout the 1970s included this statement within the club’s chronology:

Archery 1

Now, Edwardian England may seem a long time ago, but the medieval art of archery was very much in the decline, if not virtually non-existent at this time. On top of this, £1,200 was more than one fifth of Woolwich Arsenal’s turnover at the time. To put this into perspective, it is similar to a tournament bringing in £40 million today.

So, how was it that a tournament of this nature could greatly swell the club’s coffers? Read More →