When the Austrians came to Highbury.

As it was International week we thought we would dust down an old programme article from last year showing Arsenal playing a national team.

Everyone knows about the battle of Highbury when England, with seven Arsenal players, fought and beat world champions Italy in November 1934.

1933-12-05 DMir v Austria no 8

Arsenal v Austrian XI

A lesser known “international” at Highbury occurred on 4 December 1933, just prior to Herbert Chapman’s premature death, when Arsenal hosted an Austrian team who, for matters of FA form, went by the name of “A Vienna XI” or “The Football Club of Austria”, but were to all intents and purposes the Austrian National team, albeit playing a couple of reserves.

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The HC Club or the “Pals of Chapman”

No doubt you are aware that today is the anniversary of the tragic early passing of Herbert Chapman. Shortly after the publication of Patrick Barclay’s biography of the great man, we discovered the story of twelve men who paid tribute to Chapman in their own special way. Here is their story.

Ever wondered who commissioned the famous Bust of Herbert Chapman, Arsenal’s greatest ever manager, that sat in the Highbury marble hall?

Bust of Chapman 1

One of the four Herbert Chapman busts

Well wonder no more, because it was a band of supporters collectively called the “Pals of Herbert Chapman”

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by Andy Kelly

We thought it would be a good idea to put together a compendium of information relating to all of Arsenal’s FA Cup final appearances on one page so you don’t have to trawl all over the internet to find out the answers to all of those nagging questions.

Weekly Illustrated 25 April 1936. This image was supplied by @alsnotnutz – twitter hashtag – #operationarsenalart

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