Arsenal Book List by the Highbury Librarian

On twitter recently talk turned to books and The Highbury Librarian offered to send out his list for fellow book enthusiasts to mull over.

Here it is and for the record my favourite autobiography is Peter Storey’s.

If you know of any other Arsenal books, let us know and we will add them to the list to make it as comprehensive as possible.

ADAMS, Tony with RIDLEY, Ian 1998 Addicted Collins Willow
ADAMS, Tony with RIDLEY, Ian 2017 Sober: Football. My Story. My Life Simon & Schuster
ALLEN, Andrew and MANGAN, Andrew 2014 Together: The Story of Arsenal’s Unbeaten Season Portnoy Publishing
ALLISON, George 1938 The Inside Story of Football Quaker Oats
ALLISON, George 1948 Allison Calling: A Galaxy of Football and Other Memories Staples Press
ANDREWS, Mark 2012 The Crowd at Woolwich Arsenal FC First and Best in Education
ANDREWS, Mark, KELLY, Andy and STILLMAN, Tim 2018 Royal Arsenal: Champions of the South Legends Publishing
ARSENAL F.C. 2006 The Story of Emirates Stadium Sidan Press
ARSENAL F.C. 2007 Arsenal: Extraordinary Images of an Amazing Club Hamlyn
ARSENAL FIRST TEAM SQUAD with MILLER, Harry 1990 Arsenal: The Champions’ Year – The Inside Story of the Gunners’ 1989-90 Season Partridge Press
ARSENAL FOUNDATION, The 2013 The Foundation Collection Arsenal Foundation
ATKINS, Fred 2012 Arsenal: The French Connection – How The Arsenal Became L’Arsenal GCR Books
ATTWOOD, Tony 2009 Making the Arsenal Hamilton House
ATTWOOD, Tony, KELLY, Andy and ANDREWS, Mark 2012 Woolwich Arsenal: 1893-1915 – The Club That Changed Football First and Best in Education
AUCLAIR, Philippe 2012 Theirry Henry – Lonely at the Top: A Biography Macmillan
AZULAY, Bernard 2002 Arsenal on the Double Mainstream Publishing
AZULAY, Bernard 2004 Arsenal All 4-1 Mainstream Publishing
BALL, Alan 1978 It’s All About A Ball: An Autobiography W.H. Allen
BARCLAY, Patrick 2014 The Life and Times of Herbert Chapman Weidenfeld & Nicolson
BARNES, Walley 1953 Captain of Wales Stanley Paul
BASTIN, Cliff with GLANVILLE, Brian 1950 Cliff Bastin Remembers: An Autobiography Ettrick Press
BELTON, Brian 2008 The First Gunners: Arsenal, from Plumstead to Highbury Pennant Books
BERGKAMP, Dennis 2013 Stillness and Speed: My Story Simon & Schuster
BETTS, Dan 2018 Almost Invincible – Arsenal: The Class of 1991 Legends Publishing
BOND, Bob 2013 Arsenal: The Comic Strip History Vision Sports Publishing
BRADY, Liam 1980 So Far, So Good: A Decade in Football Stanley Paul
BROADFOOT, Joe 2013 Arsenal F.C.: A Football Transfer Diary 1996-97 – Wenger’s Era Begins CreateSpace Independent Publishing
BROADFOOT, Joe 2013 Miyaichi Moments: Arsenal F.C.’s Ryo – His Name is Ryo CreateSpace Independent Publishing
BROADFOOT, Joe 2013 Nearly Invisibles to Almost Invincibles: Arsenal F.C. 1996-1998 CreateSpace Independent Publishing
BROWN, Deryk 1972 The Arsenal Story Littlehampton Book Services
BUCHAN, Charles 1955 A Lifetime in Football Phoenix House
CALLOW, Nick 2015 Arsenal’s Greatest Goals Carlton Books
CASTLE, Ian 2012 Arsenal: The Agony and the Ecstasy Feed a Read
CHAPMAN, Herbert 1934 Herbert Chapman on Football Garrick Publishing
CHAPMAN, Lee 1992 More Than a Match: A Player’s Story Stanley Paul
CHARLES, Mel with LESLIE, Colin 2009 In the Shadow of a Giant John Blake Publishing
CHARLESWORTH, Tim 2016 It’s Happened Again: A Tale of Love, Hope, Death and Disappointment CreateSpace Independent Publishing
COLE, Ashley 2006 My Defence Headline
CONNOLLY, Kevin 1998 The Official Story of Arsenal’s Double Year Headline
CROPLEY, Alex with WRIGHT, Tom 2013 Crops: The Alex Cropley Story Luath Press
CROSS, John 2015 Arsène Wenger: The Inside Story of Arsenal Under Wenger Simon & Schuster
DAY, Bill 1988 Arsenal Littlehampton Book Services
DOCHERTY, Tommy 1960 Soccer From The Shoulder Stanley Paul
DONNELLEY, Paul 2008 The Arsenal Companion: Gunners Annecdotes, History, Trivia, Facts and Figures Pitch Publishing
DONNELLEY, Paul 2018 Arsenal Greatest Games: The Gunners’ Fifty Finest Matches Pitch Publishing
DUROSE-RAYNER, James 2015 I Am Sam Clink Street Publishing
DUROSE-RAYNER, James 2017 Queen of Cups: Part 1 New Generation Publishing
DUROSE-RAYNER, James 2017 Queen of Cups: Part 2 New Generation Publishing
EASTHAM, George 1964 Determined to Win Stanley Paul
ELKIN, James and SHAKESHAFT, Simon 1993 The Arsenal Shirt Vision Sports Publishing
EMERY, David 1994 Gunning for Glory: The Full Story of Arsenal’s Victorious 93-94 Season Simon & Schuster
EVANS, Richard 2012 The Wenger Code: Will it Survive the Age of the Oligarch? GCR Books
FABIAN, Aubrey Howard and WHITTAKER, Tom 1950 Constructive Football Edward Arnold
FINN, Ralph L. 1969 Arsenal: Chapman to Mee Robert Hale
FISHER, Keith 1990 Arsenal Greats John Donald Publishers
FOLEY, Theo with FOLEY, Paul 2018 Theo Give Us a Ball: A Life in Football Apex Publishing
FOX, Norman 2006 Farewell to Highbury Bluecoat Press
FYNN, Alex and BLAIR, Olivia 2000 The Great Divide Andre Deutsch
FYNN, Alex and GUEST, Lynton 1991 Heroes and Villains Penguin
FYNN, Alex and WHITCHER, Kevin 2003 The Glorious Game: Arsène Wenger, Arsenal and the Quest for Success Orion
FYNN, Alex and WHITCHER, Kevin 2004 The Glorious Game – Extra Time: Arsène Wenger, Arsenal and the Quest for Success Orion
FYNN, Alex and WHITCHER, Kevin 2008 Arsènal: The Making of a Modern Superclub Vision Sports Publishing
FYNN, Alex and WHITCHER, Kevin 2014 Arsène & Arsenal: The Quest to Rediscover Past Glories Vision Sports Publishing
FYNN, Alex and WHITCHER, Kevin 2016 Arsènal: The Making of a Modern Superclub: Fully Updated Vision Sports Publishing
GEORGE, Charlie with MONTGOMERY, Alex 2005 My Story Century
GLANVILLE, Brian 1952 Famous Football Clubs: Arsenal Convoy
GLANVILLE, Brian 2006 Arsenal Stadium History Hamlyn
GLANVILLE, Brian 2009 The Real Arsenal: From Chapman to Wenger JR Books
GOODWIN, Bob 1997 The Pride of North London: Definitive History of Arsenal-Tottenham Derby Matches Polar Print
GOONER, The 1990 Arsenal in the Eighties Gemini Press
GOONER, The 2000 Arsenal in the Nineties Durley Promotions
GOONER, The 2000 You Little Beauty Sporting Editions
GRAHAM, George 1996 The Glory and the Grief Andre Deutsch
GROVES, Perry with McSHANE, John 2007 We All Live in a Perry Groves World: My Story John Blake Publishing
HAPGOOD, Eddie 1945 Football Ambassador Sporting Handbooks
HARDING, John 1988 Alex James: Life of a Football Legend Robson Books
HARTSON, John 2006 The Autobiography Orion
HAYES, Dean 2008 Arsenal: The Football Facts John Blake Publishing
HAYTER, Reg (ed.) 1969 The Arsenal Football Book Stanley Paul
HAYTER, Reg (ed.) 1970 The Arsenal Football Book No.2 Stanley Paul
HAYTER, Reg (ed.) 1971 The Arsenal Football Book No.3 Stanley Paul
HAYTER, Reg (ed.) 1972 The Arsenal Football Book No.4 Stanley Paul
HAYTER, Reg (ed.) 1973 The Arsenal Football Book No.5 Stanley Paul
HAYTER, Reg (ed.) 1974 The Arsenal Football Book No.6 Stanley Paul
HEATLEY, Michael and WELCH, Ian 1996 The Great Derby Matches: Arsenal v Tottenham Dial House
HORNBY, Nick 1992 Fever Pitch: A Fan’s Life Gollancz
HUDSON, Alan 1998 The Working Man’s Ballet Robson Books
INGLESS, Steve 2016 Too Dearly Loved To Be Forgotten: Arsenal v Racing Club de Paris 1930-1962 Rangemore Publications
JACK, David 1934 Soccer Putnam
JACOBS, Joe 2014 Jack Wilshere: Arsenal DNA – The Biography of the Gunners’ Superstar John Blake Publishing
JAMES, Gary 1993 Football with a Smile: The Authorised Biography of Joe Mercer OBE Polar Print
JAMES, Josh 2004 The Immaculate Season: A Pictorial Celebration of Arsenal’s Unbeaten 2003-04 Season Hamlyn
JAMES, Josh 2005 The Kings of Cardiff: A Pictorial History of FA Cup Glory at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium Hamlyn
JAMES, Josh, ANDREWS, Mark and KELLY, Andy 2018 Arsenal: The Complete Record 1886-2018 deCoubertin Books
JENKINS, Derek and STENNETT, Ceri 1989 Wembley 1927: The Cardiff-Arsenal FA Cup Final 1927 Pioneer
JENNINGS, Pat with DRURY, Reg 1983 An Autobiography Collins Willow
JOSEPH, Paul 2009 When Football Was Football – Arsenal: A Nostalgic Look at a Century of the Club J.H. Haynes & Co
JOY, Bernard 1952 Forward, Arsenal! Phoenix House
KARBASSIYOON, Danny 2016 The Arsenal Yankee First and Best in Education
KELLY, Stephen F. 1994 The Highbury Encyclopedia: An A-Z of Arsenal F.C. Mainstream Publishing
KELSEY, Jack with GLANVILLE, Brian 1958 Over the Bar Stanley Paul
KING, Jeff and WILLIS, Tony 1995 George Graham: The Wonder Years Virgin Books
KNIGHTON, Leslie 1948 Behind the Scenes in Big Football Stanley Paul
LANE, David 2014 Arsenal ‘Til I Die: The Voices of Arsenal F.C. Supporters Meyer & Meyer Sport
LANGTON, Harry (ed.) 1971 Arsenal! Arsenal!: The Official Story of the ‘Double’, 1971 Arsenal F.C.
LAWRENCE, Amy 1997 Proud To Say That Name: The Marble Hall of Fame Mainstream Publishing
LAWRENCE, Amy 2014 Invincible: Inside Arsenal’s Unbeaten 2003-2004 Season Viking
LAWRENCE, Amy and MACFARLANE, Stuart 2016 The Wenger Revolution: 20 Years of Arsenal Bloomsbury Sport
LAWRENCE, Amy and MACFARLANE, Stuart 2018 The Wenger Revolution: The Club of My Life Bloomsbury Sport
LAWTON, Tommy 1955 My Twenty Years of Soccer Heirloom Modern World Library
LAWTON, Tommy 1973 When the Cheering Stopped: The Rise, The Fall Golden Eagle
LEES, Andrew and KENNEDY, Ray 1993 Ray of Hope: The Ray Kennedy Story Pelham Books
LEHMANN, Jens with SIEMES, Christof 2017 The Madness is On the Pitch deCoubertin Books
LEIGHTON, James 2016 Rocky: The Tears & Triumphs of David Rocastle Simon & Schuster
LEMMON, David 1998 Arsenal in the Blood: An Oral History of the Gunners Breedon Books
LLOYD-WILLIAMS, Andy 2011 Robin Van Persie: The Biography John Blake Publishing
LONGMORE, Andrew 1988 Viv Anderson Heinemann Kingswood
MACDONALD, Malcolm 1977 Win! Pelham Books
MACDONALD, Malcolm with TOMAS, Jason 1983 An Autobiography Arthur Barker
MACFARLANE, Stuart 2008 Arsenal Confidential Hamlyn
MACWILLIAM, Rab and CONNOLLY, Kevin 2003 The Essential History of Arsenal Headline
MAIDMENT, Jem 2005 Arsenal: 100 Greatest Games Hamlyn
MANGAN, Andrew (ed.) 2011 So Paddy Got Up: An Arsenal Anthology Portnoy Publishing
MARINELLO, Peter 2007 Fallen Idle: Fighting Back from the Booze, Swindles & Drugs that Ripped My Life Apart Headline
MARKS, Laurence 1999 A Fan For All Seasons: The Diary of an Arsenal Supporter Little, Brown & Co.
MARWOOD, Brian with WOOLNOUGH, Brian 1990 The Life of Brian Mainstream Publishing
McGARRIGLE, Stephen 1991 Green Gunners: Arsenal’s Irish Mainstream Publishing
McLINTOCK, Frank and McNEILL, Terry 1969 That’s the Way the Ball Bounces Pelham Books
McLINTOCK, Frank with BAGCHI, Rob 2006 True Grit: The Autobiography Headline
McVAY, Dave and SMITH, Andy 2000 The Complete Centre-Forward: The Tommy Lawton Story Sportsbooks
MERSON, Paul with ALLEN, Matt 2011 How Not to be a Professional Footballer HarperSport
MERSON, Paul with HARRIS, Harry 1995 Rock Bottom Bloomsbury Publishing
MOWBRAY, Geoffrey 1961 Gunners on the Target: Arsenal F.C. 1886-1961, 75 Years of Soccer History Stanley Paul
MYERSON, George 2009 Fighting for Football: From Woolwich Arsenal to the Western Front Aurum Press
NEILL, Terry with SCOVELL, Brian and HARRIS, Harry 1985 Revelations of a Football Manager Sidgwick & Jackson
NEWKEY-BURDEN, Chas 2009 Gunners Lists: 250 Lists of Essential and Nonessential Arsenal Facts Hamlyn
NICHOLAS, Charlie with GALLACHER, Ken 1986 Charlie: An Autobiography Stanley Paul
OLDFIELD, Tom 2008 Arsène Wenger: Pure Genius John Blake Publishing
OLDFIELD, Tom 2009 Young Gun: The Biography of Cesc Fàbregas John Blake Publishing
O’LEARY David with MILLER, Harry 1988 My Story Mainstream Publishing
OLLIER, Fred 1988 Arsenal: A Complete Record 1886-1988 Breedon Books
OLLIER, Fred 1990 Arsenal: A Complete Record 1886-1990 Breedon Books
OLLIER, Fred 1992 Arsenal: A Complete Record 1886-1992 Breedon Books
O’NEILL, Michael 2017 Arsenal: A Backpass Through History Danann Publishing
ÖZIL, Mesut 2017 Gunning for Greatness: My Life Hodder & Stoughton
PALMER, Myles 2001 The Professor: The Biography of Arsène Wenger Virgin Books
PARDOE, Rex 1972 Battle of London: Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur Tom Stacey
PARLOUR, Ray with LAWRENCE, Amy 2016 The Romford Pelé: It’s Only Ray Parlour’s Autobiography Century
PETERS, Paul 2014 Arsenal: The England Story Amazon
PIRES, Robert with RIVOIRE, Xavier, FIFIELD, Dominic 2004 Footballeur: An Autobiography Yellow Jersey Press
PONTING, Ivan 1991 Arsenal: Player by Player Guinness Publishing
POWTER, David 1997 Arsenal FC: The 25 Year Record, 1972-97 Soccer Books
QUINN, Niall 2002 Niall Quinn: The Autobiography Headline
RIPPON, Anton 1981 The Story of Arsenal Moorland Publishing
RIVOIRE, Xavier 2007 Arsène Wenger: The Authorised Biography Aurum Press
ROBERTSON, John 1985 Arsenal Littlehampton Book Services
ROPER, Alan 2004 The Real Arsenal Story: In the Days of Gog Adur Services
ROSE, Joe 2004 Arsenal: Player by Player Hamlyn
SAMMELS, Jon with OXBY, Robert 1971 Double Champions: Playing the Arsenal Way Arthur Baker
SANSOM with WRIGHT 2008 To Cap it All… My Story John Blake Publishing
SANSOM, Kenny 1987 Going Great Guns: Arsenal from the Inside 1986-87 Queen Anne Press
SEAGER, Dave 2017 Supporting Arsenal is a Funny Old Game Legends Publishing
SEAGER, Dave and ARSENAL, Poorly Drawn 2018 Arsène’s Double Double: A Cool Cat in his Magic Hat Legends Publishing
SEAGER, Dave with ARMSTRONG, Jill 2014 Geordie Armstrong on the Wing Legends Publishing
SEAMAN, David 2000 Safe Hands: My Autobiography Orion
SIMMONS, John and SIMMONS, Matt 2006 Great Brand Stories: Arsenal – Winning Together – The Story of the Arsenal Brand Cyan Books
SIMPSON, Neal and ALCOCK, Kevin 1992 Arsenal: A Pictorial History Breedon Books
SMITH, Alan 2018 Heads Up: My Life Story Constable
SMITH, Bruce 2000 Arsenal Fact File: The Ultimate Arsenal Fan’s Stats Book Virgin Books
SMITH, Bruce 2006 Highbury: The Story of Arsenal Stadium Mainstream Publishing
SOAR, Phil and TYLER, Martin 1986 Arsenal 1886-1986: The Official Centenary History of Arsenal F.C. Hamlyn
SOAR, Phil and TYLER, Martin 1987 Arsenal: The Official History Hamlyn
SOAR, Phil and TYLER, Martin 1989 Arsenal: Official History Hamlyn
SOAR, Phil and TYLER, Martin 1994 Arsenal: Official History 1886-1994 Hamlyn
SOAR, Phil and TYLER, Martin 1995 Arsenal: Official History 1886-1995 Hamlyn
SOAR, Phil and TYLER, Martin 1996 Arsenal: Official History 1886-1996 Hamlyn
SOAR, Phil and TYLER, Martin 1997 Arsenal: The Official Illustrated History 1886-1997 Hamlyn
SOAR, Phil and TYLER, Martin 1998 Arsenal: Official Hamlyn Illustrated History 1886-1998 Hamlyn
SOAR, Phil and TYLER, Martin 1999 The Official Illustrated History of Arsenal 1886-1999 Hamlyn
SOAR, Phil and TYLER, Martin 2000 The Official Illustrated History of Arsenal 1886-2000 Hamlyn
SOAR, Phil and TYLER, Martin 2002 The Official Illustrated History of Arsenal Hamlyn
SOAR, Phil and TYLER, Martin 2003 The Official Illustrated History of Arsenal Hamlyn
SOAR, Phil and TYLER, Martin 2004 The Official Illustrated History of Arsenal Hamlyn
SOAR, Phil and TYLER, Martin 2005 The Official Illustrated History of Arsenal Hamlyn
SOAR, Phil and TYLER, Martin 2007 The Official Illustrated History of Arsenal Hamlyn
SOAR, Phil and TYLER, Martin 2008 The Official Illustrated History of Arsenal Hamlyn
SOAR, Phil and TYLER, Martin 2009 The Official Illustrated History of Arsenal Hamlyn
SOAR, Phil and TYLER, Martin 2010 The Official Illustrated History of Arsenal Hamlyn
SOAR, Phil and TYLER, Martin 2011 The Official Illustrated History of Arsenal: 125 Years in the Making Hamlyn
SORRARS, Gunnar 2018 Arsène Wenger Haiku Blink Publishing
SOWMAN, John 2016 Arsenal: The Long Sleep 1953-1970 – A View from the Terrace First and Best in Education
SPURLING, Jon 2001 All Guns Blazing: Arsenal in the 1980s Aureus Publishing
SPURLING, Jon 2001 Top Guns: Arsenal in the 1990s Aureus Publishing
SPURLING, Jon 2003 Rebels for the Cause: The Alternative History of Arsenal Football Club Mainstream Publishing
SPURLING, Jon 2006 Highbury: The Story of Arsenal in N5 Orion
SPURLING, Jon 2014 Red Letter Days: Fourteen Dramatic Events That Shook Arsenal Pitch Publishing
STAMMERS, Steve 2008 Arsenal: The Official Biography Hamlyn
STAPLETON, Frank 1991 Frankly Speaking Blackwater Press
STOREY, Peter 2010 True Storey: My Life and Crimes as a Football Hatchet Man Mainstream Publishing
STUBBS, David 1997 Charlie Nicholas: The Adventures of a Champagne Charlie Boxtree
STUDD, Stephen 1981 Herbert Chapman: Football Emperor – A Study in the Origins Of Modern Soccer Peter Owen
TAPSCOTT, Derek with GRANDIN, Terry 2004 Tappy: From Barry Town to Arsenal, Cardiff City and Beyond Vertical Editions
TAYLOR, Stewart 2014 Stuck in a Moment: The Ballad of Paul Vaessen GCR Books
TOSSELL, David 2002 Seventy-One Guns: The Year of the First Arsenal Double Mainstream Publishing
TOSSELL, David 2005 Bertie Mee: Arsenal’s Officer and Gentleman Mainstream Publishing
TOSSELL, David 2017 Alan Ball: The Man in the White Boots Hodder & Stoughton
URE, Ian 1968 Ure’s Truly Pelham Books
VIEIRA, Patrick 2005 Vieira: My Autobiography Orion
VIGNES, Spencer 2007 Lost in France: The Remarkable Life and Death of Leigh Richmond Roose The History Press
VOCKINS, Mike 2011 Arthur Milton: Last of the Double Internationals Sportsbooks
WALCOTT, Theo 2011 Theo: Growing Up Fast Bantam Press
WALL, Bob 1969 Arsenal From The Heart Souvenir Press
WARING, Peter 2004 Arsenal: Head to Head Breedon Books
WATT, Tom 1993 The End: 80 Years of Life on Arsenal’s North Bank Mainstream Publishing
WEAVER, Graham 1998 12-0 to the Arsenal (and a Goal in Injury Time) Mainstream Publishing
WENGERKNOWSBEST 2014 Little Bit Silverware Legends Publishing
WENGERKNOWSBEST 2015 Little Bit More Silverware Legends Publishing
WHITCHER, Kevin 1998 Gunning for the Double: The Story of Arsenal’s 1997-98 Season Sporting Editions
WHITCHER, Kevin 2009 The Pocket Book of Arsenal Vision Sports Publishing
WHITTAKER, Tom 1957 Tom Whittaker’s Arsenal Story Sporting Handbooks
WILSON, Bob 1971 Autobiography Pelham Books
WILSON, Bob 2003 Behind the Network: My Autobiography Hodder & Stoughton
WOODCOCK, Tony with BALL, Peter 1985 Inside Soccer The Book Service
WRIGHT, Ian 1996 Mr. Wright: The Explosive Autobiography of Ian Wright HarperCollins
WRIGHT, Ian 2016 A Life in Football: My Autobiography Constable
YOUSIF, Layth 2014 Arsène Wenger: Fifty Defining Fixtures Amberley Publishing
YOUSIF, Layth 2016 The Miracle of Copenhagen Amberley Publishing

7 thoughts on “An Arsenal Book List

  1. Helge Olsen on 8 December 2018 at 4:25 pm said:

    Dan Brennan – The Official Arsenal Miscellany (Hamlyn, 2004)
    Paul Joseph(ed.) – It’s Up For Grabs Now… (A Greg Mitchell Publication, 2005)

  2. Ken George on 7 December 2018 at 7:59 pm said:

    Achieving the goal – David Platt
    It appears this book was published just as he signed for Arsenal which he mentions on page 235 the last one in the book . In the epilogue he says he scored his first home goal v Nottingham Forest and is looking forward to the future under Bruce Rioch . On the back cover he is pictured wearing an Arsenal shirt.
    That sums up the Arsenal content .
    Why did I buy the book ?

  3. Ken George on 7 December 2018 at 3:39 pm said:

    Once again a brilliant post . I have collected most of your list but did not seem to see the following:
    Platt – Acheving goals 1995
    Huddy – 2017
    and one of my favourites on my childhood hero Joe Baker and his brother entitled
    The fabulous Baker boys . 2013.

    • Highbury Librarian on 7 December 2018 at 5:55 pm said:

      Thanks for these.

      I think that ‘Achieving the Goal’ was published just before Platt joined Arsenal.

  4. C HUDSON on 7 December 2018 at 12:19 pm said:

    Chapman to Mee, Arsenal History full record published in Nowway, Virgin book of Arsenal Facts, Herbert Chapam book he bought in 1934 ???

    • Highbury Librarian on 7 December 2018 at 6:15 pm said:

      Many thanks.

      Finn’s ‘Chapman to Mee’ and Chapman’s ‘on Football’ are on the list. I think the history is by Grant and White (1988), which will be added to the list.

      Is the Virgin book you mention Bruce Smith’s ‘Arsenal Fact File’, which featured Virgin sponsorship on the cover?

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