Back in December we wrote a blog about Mike Dean’s incredible record when refereeing Arsenal games. Since then he’s refereed a couple more games but next Saturday’s game against Manchester United has got Arsenal fans already throwing in the towel.

We’ve taken this as an opportunity to update his stats which you can find on the original blog.

However, we thought we’d also do another piece on Arsenal’s least favourite referee as, for some reason, things have changed somewhat recently. Maybe it’s just coincidence but Arsenal’s form has taken an upward turn since the media picked up on his poor stats.

Below, we compare Dean’s last ten games for Arsenal and, because we feel they make an equally interesting analysis, his last ten games in charge of Manchester United.

Here are his last 10 Arsenal games:

Date Opponents Comp Score  
23/09/2012 Manchester City PL 1-1 D
03/11/2012 Manchester United PL 1-2 L
11/12/2012 Bradford City FLC 1-1 D*
13/01/2013 Manchester City PL 0-2 L
16/02/2013 Blackburn Rovers FAC 0-1 L
14/05/2013 Wigan Athletic PL 4-1 W
22/09/2013 Stoke City PL 3-1 W
23/12/2013 Chelsea PL 0-0 D
16/03/2014 Tottenham Hotspur PL 1-0 W
29/03/2014 Manchester City PL 1-1 D

* Lost on penalties

That current form is not to be sniffed at: three wins and two draws in our last five games – not bad, especially when you consider it took 22 games to amass the three previous wins. We’ve even managed to evade defeat to two top-four teams.

On top of this, Dean has booked just six Arsenal players in those last five games but booked 14 of Arsenal’s opponents.

Now, if we take a look at Manchester United’s last ten games with Dean in charge we can see that they have lost the Fergie effect on him:

Date Opponents Comp Score  
22/01/2012 Arsenal PL 2-1 W
02/09/2012 Southampton PL 3-2 W
03/11/2012 Arsenal PL 2-1 W
26/12/2012 Newcastle PL 4-3 W
08/04/2013 Manchester City PL 1-2 L
01/12/2013 Tottenham PL 2-2 D
05/01/2014 Swansea FAC 1-2 L
11/05/2014 Southampton PL 1-1 D
16/08/2014 Swansea PL 1-2 L
20/10/2014 WBA PL 2-2 D

Fear not Arsenal fans as it looks like Manchester United should now be more worried about the Mike Dean effect.


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3 thoughts on “Mike Dean And Arsenal – Has The Curse Been Broken?

  1. Ofcourse because mike dean is s renown gunners fan, Utd again for twenty straight years are combating refs and the FA who are hell bent on helping the opposition at every corner, its s joke that once again Utd must face 14 men and try to win against all the odds with a second string side, being the most injury hit team in English history for yet another season running, the only reason they ain’t top of the table. I’m sure arsenal will get their gamely penalty thou ezp when dean sees Utd mauling them, he make sure arsenal win like always.
    the corrupt city, arsenal loving ref is a joke and should be forced into retirement

  2. bonaroca on 19 November 2014 at 10:37 am said:

    Bonaroca:- I will not argue about refereeing in England, but up to a certain extent
    I would say that level has gone down. Gone are the days when English referees
    were considered to be the best and most reliable.

    Watching matches over TV one notices that in many case were bad fouls which
    in many cases are the consequence of a bad interpretation of the first foul,
    handballs and offsides which are ignored some of which are a part of the
    lineman job to signal to the referee.

    It is about time that referees and linesmen should have every match reviewed
    and these should be punished for their mistakes particularly if they are glaring
    and could effect one’s team result

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