Arsenal scored two goals (one by Olivier Giroud and one by Mesut Ozil) whilst Bayern Munich scored no goals.

Therefore Arsenal gained three Champions League points.

In this world of an endless stream of pointless statistics, they are the only ones that mean anything.

You can take your possession, passes completed, distance run, punched clearances, shots on target and farts inside the box and file them away in the nearest suitable receptacle as they mean bugger all.

Filing cabinet

Filing cabinet

In ten years time we’ll be talking about a great team performance despite everyone being incredibly pessimistic, Olivier Giroud’s goal that came off his shoulder, Hector Bellerin’s great run to cross for Mesut Ozil to score a goal that was over the line before Neuer clawed it out. We won’t be talking about the number of Coquelin’s through balls, Lewandoski’s inside leg measurement or all that other flim flam.

No one particularly cares about the pointless statistics for that night at Anfield, or when we won the Fairs Cup or for the whole of the Invincibles season. They’re completely irrelevant.


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2 thoughts on “Arsenal v Bayern Munich – A Meaningful Statistical Analysis

  1. OGUNBAYO IBRAHIM. A on 21 October 2015 at 9:46 am said:

    this match should not be a surprise for all Woolwich fans……before the match I could remember how Jack destroy them in our past meetings were he dismantled the great Kroos and Schweinstigher in the midfield….. its a great relief for us….. 3 more points in A.ARENA

  2. Your sentiment is perfectly reasonable and the point clearly made – but what you celebrate is the result and not a statistical analysis. The result is the product of all the actions that go into its achievement – shots on targets, passes, interceptions, saves et c., et c. There’s no obligation to consider those aspects any more than there is to watch the match. Who needs to see how we played when all that matters the result?

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