Having recently tweeted the question: “What did John Barrett do 752 times for Arsenal between 1968 and 1997?”, we thought we’d pay homage to Arsenal’s prolific crossword compiler. Below are John’s first and last puzzles.

13 August 1968 (click to enlarge)

13 August 1968 (click to enlarge)

3 May 1997

3 May 1997

We thought we’d have a go at creating our own puzzle. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many crossword plugins for WordPress. We certainly weren’t going to fork out the best part of £50 for one so we’ve used the freebie below. It’s not a crossword in the strictest sense and it hasn’t got the greatest interface. Ironically, it works much better in mobile browsers than desktop browsers.

This interactive crossword puzzle requires JavaScript and any recent web browser, including Windows Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari. If you have disabled web page scripting, please re-enable it and refresh the page. If this web page is saved on your computer, you may need to click the yellow Information Bar at the top or bottom of the page to allow the puzzle to load.



  • 1. The darling of the North Bank.
  • 2. The Arsenal Stadium _______, 1930s film.
  • 3. Sailor.
  • 4. Where Arsenal played their games in South London.
  • 5. Arsenal's first manager
  • 6. Arsenal appeared in 8 cup finals in his first 7 full seasons as coach (3,4).
  • 7. Small by name, but not in stature.
  • 8. First FA Cup Final opponents.
  • 9. Great manager or rubbish forward
  • 10. The home of football
  • 11. Made first appearance in 1993 and still at the club.
  • 12. Father and son who played for Arsenal.


  • 13. Scorer of, arguably, the most famous goal in Arsenal's history.
  • 14. Dynasty that was at Arsenal for more tha 90 years (4-4).
  • 15. Only Arsenal player to score more than one goal in an FA Cup final (3,5)
  • 16. Played most games for Arsenal during the 1970s (3,4).
  • 17. Inspirational captain
  • 18. Broke Cliff Bastin's goalscoring record (3,6)
  • 19. Mercurial 1930s inside forward (4,5)
  • 20. Scored 100 goals for Arsenal, top scorer in every season at the club.

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One thought on “The Arsenal History Crossword – Number 1

  1. Damn – had ‘Horatio’ for the Sailor question.

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